ML System targets Norway and Sweden with solar-generating window film

ML System launched a production line for glass with a quantum-coating generating electricity from the sun (QGlass). The Polish company has already installed such panes on the glass facade of the tourist center building in Dalsnibba, Norway, and on the facade of its factory in Zaczernie near Rzeszów.

The company’s management board emphasizes that it is the first production line of this type in the world. Its production capacity is estimated at approx. 60 thousand. sq m per year. – Launching the production of fully transparent glass with a quantum coating perfectly meets the expectations and needs of the market. At the same time, it is responsible for the European policy focusing on the popularization of ecological solutions in construction – comments Dawid Cycoń, president of ML System.

He reminds that the EU directive has been in force for almost two years, the aim of which is to significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings, while at the same time using renewable energy. – We see positive changes in the approach of investors, especially in Scandinavia and other highly developed markets, where the choice of innovative BIPV solutions becomes a standard – adds Cycoń.

ML System has already installed its innovative glazing on the glass facade of the tourist center building in Dalsnibba, Norway. Due to the purpose of this property, the basic requirement was high glass translucency and low energy transmittance. The solution has also found its application in Poland, as part of a pilot project, on the Aluron office building in Zawiercie (Krakow) and in one of the Żabka stores. Glass with a quantum coating was also installed on the facade of the QGlass ML System factory.


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