IS-Wireless to bring “open” 5G network

After Polish mobile operators who have decided to launch services in 5G technology, the Polish company IS-Wireless intends to launch a fifth generation network. It enters the market to create open solutions that are to counterbalance the networks built by global giants. Meanwhile, the date of the first 5G frequency auction, postponed from last year, is not known yet, but it is possible that the process will not start until the middle of the year.

5G technology will allow millions of smart devices to be connected to the network, which can improve many areas of our daily life. Why significant? First of all, the 5G network allows up to 40 times faster data transfer than in today’s 4G or LTE networks. The second advantage of the fifth generation technology is greater capacity, i.e. the ability to connect many more devices than in the case of 4G. The third issue is latency – while on fourth-generation networks, the latency between sending data and receiving the feedback signal is on average 50 milliseconds, for 5G it is only one millisecond.

The fifth generation technology allows mobile operators to use frequencies more efficiently – they can spend less on building and maintaining infrastructure and offering customers services with better parameters.

According to government plans, Polish 5G is to operate on separate bands with the 26 GHz, 3.6 GHz and 700 MHz frequencies. The auction for the 3.6 GHz band, which will be the basic backbone of the new network, was to take place last year. The interested operators were to bid on four blocks of the C band (in the 3.4-3.8 GHz frequency range), 80 MHz each. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the bands were not allocated – the auction is to be held again this year.

This is the last call, because Poland is one of the last large countries in the European Union where the 3.6 GHz frequencies are not yet allocated. Jacek Oko, president of the Office of Electronic Communications, said in March during a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Digitization, Innovation and Modern Technologies that allocating the C band for the needs of the 5G network will take at least 180 days from the start of consultations on the terms of the auction.

In the second half of this year, IS-Wireless will launch the first Polish network in 5G technology. “We are finalizing the product development and entering the commercialization phase – verification of our solutions outside our service – said Pietrzyk during the Thursday teleconference. – It will be a test launch of a campus network with a potential client – he announced. IS-Wireless specializes in radio access network technology, but will cooperate with the affirmed company, owned by Microsoft, and the company Red Hat, owned by IBM, in building its own network.

A recent study by ABI Research shows that over 84 percent. companies are considering implementing their own private 4G and 5G networks in production activities in the coming years. – Private networks can be created by institutions such as a factory. Such a network operates in the area of ​​several hundred thousand. square meters. It offers services tailored to the needs of the organization, said the IS-Wireless expert, Dr. Eng. Aleksandra Chećko-Jelone.

It is estimated that global revenues from the sale of Open RAN solutions will grow at a double-digit pace over the next six years. In 2024, the global market for such solutions may be worth up to $ 3.2 billion. and account for almost 10 percent of the total 4G and 5G market. IS-Wireless wants to get a piece of this cake. As announced by Sławomir Pietrzyk, plans assume that by 2025 5 percent will be obtained of the entire global market – this would give a sales value of $160 million annually.


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