Polish UseCrypt tops in cybersecurity communication

The Polish company UseCrypt wants to respond to the cybersecurity and lack of privacy problems on the Internet that are growing during the pandemic. Governments and special services are interested in the solution of the Polish company that guarantees the privacy of conversations and checks whether the phone has been hacked.

“The future will be to combine the tools we already use, but in a much more private, secure way. UseCrypt will combine the functions of Zoom, Dropbox and WhatsApp. However, I do not want to pay several different subscription fees – I prefer to use one comprehensive solution” – says the former vice president of Netflix, Mitch Lowe.

UseCrypt has developed a communication system considered to be one of the safest in the world. It is based on the patented HVKM (Hybrid Virtual Key Management) technology – data encryption based on the division of the private key (RSA).

The Polish company, in which the American Lazar Vision Fund invested in 2019, is already conquering the global market with its product. Last year, it was included in the group of approved security products by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The messenger is also already used by, among others Principality of Monaco, as well as customers of the Polish mobile network Plus.


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