Krakow start-up has new ideas for old bread

“Poles waste nearly 2 million tons of bread annually” – points out Bartłomiej Rak, president of Rebread. This is not only a waste of money, but also a larger carbon footprint, because food is produced at an increasing cost due to global warming. The Krakow start-up intends to revolutionize this undeveloped fragment of the discarded food market. The stale bread is used, among others, by for the production of cosmetics, but he has other ideas.

From stale bread, Rebread produces spirits, which have already been sold and are very popular. It has also been used in skin peeling as a mass that rubs off the epidermis.

“We already know that we are able to produce cosmetics. We also have other paths written down that we want to check. We definitely want to approach a probiotic drink, we want to make a beer” – Bartłomiej Rak, president of the Krakow start-up Rebread.

There are many ideas of Rebread for recycling stale bread. There are plans to manufacture biodegradable disposable packaging and tableware on a large scale. Such production may turn out to be a bull’s eye. In the European Union, the placing of plastic dishes on the market has been in place since July this year. forbidden. As shown by the example of other Polish start-ups, the demand for ecological packaging and the fashion for not littering the planet can result in profits, recognition and publicity. This is the case of, among others Biotrem, a company that produces disposable tableware made of wheat bran. It sells them all over the world, uses national and EU funding and is the winner of many prestigious awards.

Rebread also plans to create a filament for 3D printers.


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