Gaia-X Cloud Computing comes to Poland

The main project of Gaia-X European Cloud Computing Technology Development Project in Poland was launched in September, on the second day of the CYBERSEC 2021 fair, which took place in Krynica Zdrój. The Polish arm is developing an efficient, competitive and secure data infrastructure in a hybrid cloud. In Poland, the project is supervised by the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Communication and the Digital Poland Association.

The underlying premise is that Gaia-X represents a new generation of data cloud infrastructure: an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem where data and services can be shared, organized and shared in a trusted environment. Gaia-X’s mission is to design and implement a data delivery architecture, consisting of common data sharing standards, best practices, and data management tools and mechanisms.

The Gaia-X project was created by 22 organizations from Germany and France. The initiative, which set itself the main goal of building a European cloud computing system, received official support from the governments of Germany and France and support in Brussels.

“Everyone who wants to provide services and become a party to the standards set by Gaia-X, in accordance with European Union law, is invited to cooperate. We encourage you to actively participate in the ongoing work of Gaia-X Centrum in Poland, the more so as this is an opportunity for Polish service providers to participate in European Union projects Xawery Konarski, Vice President of PIIT, said.


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