“Flight 600” Aviation game seeks funding to roll out globally

It was supposed to be a serious board game for aviation industry managers. Yet after two years of work on the “Flight 600” prototype, it’s become a family board game for aviation fans and their families.

The first copies have already been sold. Its originator hopes that the real breakthrough will be the debut on Kickstarter in September, which will allow the idea to go out into the world.

“Flight 600” is a board game created by Przemysław Wypasek, a former employee of the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. Entertainment is the key word. Because initially it was supposed to be a simulation game for managers, employees of the aviation industry and students. It turned out, however, that it aroused a lot of interest among sporters who played it with their families.

“Over the last two years, we have verified almost all assumptions and changed the type of game we are going to release. Instead of betting on a Euro-type board game with complicated gameplay mechanisms, we decided to play a family game. One that doesn’t have negative interactions” explains Przemysław Wypasek in an interview with Business Insider Polska. This means that during the game no one will go to prison, no one will go bankrupt, and no plane will crash.

“In addition, we intend to show the world of aviation in the form of spatial solids, which until now usually appear in board games from the world of fantasy and sci-fi” – he adds. Hence a lot of colorful elements and figurines with UV prints, which will eliminate the need for players to apply decals themselves.


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