The PlayWay Group is planning the most important premieres from Q1 2023

The Playway group anticipates "a little more" for the premieres of games this year, but the most important titles are being postponed until next year, hoping for good dates already in the first quarter, announced the president of PlayWay, Krzysztof Kostowski.
"There will be a little prime minister this year, but they will not be the most important, because the fourth quarter of last year has taught us not to stick with important premieres. A lot of these important premieres, such as 'Contraband Police', 'Builders of Egypt', 'Occupy Mars' - I rather doubt it will be this year. However, from the beginning of next year, there are relatively good deadlines for planning and such deadlines have already been taken care of in our internal plan. So this year it will be more DLC for 'Car Mechanica', console versions, maybe smaller games, but only next year the most important ones, ”Kostowski said during the Warsaw Stock Exchange Innovation Day.

“Currently, we are the number one PLW Group in the world out of 1,600 games on Steam Global Bestsellers. We have over 260 games, ”he added.

These games are already in development, most of them have demos and prologues. Some of them have already gone to publishers, the president also pointed out.

"Next year, the developer announces the possibility of the premiere of 'House Flipper 2' and it could be an important premiere," added Kostowski.

He also announced the possibility of seeking global partnerships for the game "House Flipper".
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