The PGZ-Pilica+ consortium has a contract for the delivery of 22 ZRA Pilica+ worth PLN 2.98 billion

The PGZ-Pilica+ consortium and the State Treasury have signed an executive contract for the delivery of 22 Pilica+ Rocket and Artillery Sets (ZRA) for the Polish Armed Forces, the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) announced. The contract value is PLN 2.98 billion.

“The subject of the contract concluded between the State Treasury and the PGZ-Pilica+ consortium is the delivery of 22 PSR-A Pilica units for the purposes of ZRA Pilica+: 16 new units (including one training unit for the Air Force Training Centre) and 6 already produced or in production as part of agreements from 2016, which will be supplemented with new elements.

ZRA Pilica+ will include the existing elements of PSR-A Pilica, i.e. a command post, 6 fire units with artillery tractors, a communication subsystem and logistic support – ammunition wagons and transport vehicles. This configuration will be supplemented with short-range rocket launchers and Bystra radar stations manufactured by PIT-RADWAR. It will therefore be possible to hit targets with both artillery and rocket fire. Later, anti-aircraft cannons with programmable ammunition and a system designed to combat unmanned aerial vehicles will be added to the system.

“The Pilica system is the best example that companies of the Polish Armaments Group, in cooperation with a foreign partner, are able to quickly respond to the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, offering a comprehensive and modern solution. Pilica+ complements the multi-layer anti-aircraft and anti-missile cover of the Polish sky, which is being built by the army. The war in Ukraine shows how important the lowest layer of the anti-missile shield is, enabling it to effectively fight, among others, unmanned aerial vehicles,” said Sebastian Chwałek, president of PGZ, quoted in the material.

The CAMM missile, a product of the European group MBDA, specializing in the design and production of missiles, will be introduced into the solution. Thanks to this, the capabilities of the system will be much greater, as it will be integrated not only with short-range anti-aircraft systems, but also with anti-aircraft missile launchers with a range of over 25 km.

The contract will be implemented in the years 2023-2029 by the PGZ-Pilica+ consortium. It consists of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (leader), Zakłady Mechaniczne in Tarnów (technical integrator), PIT-RADWAR, PCO, Jelcz, Mesko, Research and Development Center Maritime Technology Centre, Military Armament Works and Military Electronics Works.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa is a capital group that brings together several dozen industrial plants, service facilities and research centers of key importance for the Polish defense industry. It is a manufacturer of innovative systems and solutions used by the Polish Armed Forces and allied formations.


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