The PERN depot in Dębogórze will reach 3 million m3 of diesel oil imports in 2023, 4 million m3 in 2024

The PERN depot in Dębogórze will achieve a capacity of approx. 3 million m3 of diesel oil import this year, and approx.

“We will end this year with the volume of diesel oil imports at the level of 3 million m3 […]. 3 million m3, Dębogórze is already able to supply diesel oil this year, or rather our customers – through the infrastructure we maintain. We are planning further expansions, both of capacity and filling devices. Next year we achieve a capacity of 4 million m3 […], in the following years, in connection with investments carried out jointly by the Port of Gdynia Authority and PERN, we plan to achieve a capacity of 5 million m3 per year” – said Świętochowski during the “Perspectives and challenges” panel for logistics infrastructure in the context of ensuring energy security” at the 590th Congress.

In mid-April, PERN reported that the fuel terminal in Dębogórze received almost half more fuel than a year earlier in the first quarter of 2023, while Naftoport reloaded 8.7 million tons of crude oil and fuels during this time, improving the last year’s result by nearly 60 %.

In the first quarter of 2023, the fuel depot in Dębogórze received 24 tankers, which also means a 50% increase compared to the same period of 2022. The statistics related to the shipment of fuel received from the sea to the interior of the country by rail are similar. That is why PERN is intensively developing its warehouse base in Dębogórze and investing in railways. This year, two tanks with a capacity of 32,000 m3 will be commissioned. m3 each, and three more are planned – this time with a capacity of 50,000 m3. m3 each, it was stated then.

PERN is a national leader in crude oil logistics and a leading entity in the field of crude oil and liquid fuel storage as well as pipeline transport of crude oil and fuels.


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