The Orlen Group wants to reach 6 billion m3 of gas production in Norway as soon as possible

The Orlen Group is in talks regarding the acquisition of further natural gas deposits in Norway and wants to reach the level of 6 billion m3 of production in this country as soon as possible, informed Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board.

“We are conducting further acquisition talks, we want to reach 6 billion m3 of our own production in Norway as soon as possible,” Obajtek told journalists.

As he emphasized, in the mining segment, the concern is very strongly focused on the Norwegian and Polish markets.

“So far, we have carried out an average of two acquisitions in Norway a year and we want to maintain this level,” declared the president.

According to him, the Orlen Group would like to achieve a total production level of 12 billion m3 before 2030, which is provided for in the strategy.

“We also want to build a new source of revenue in the form of CO2 capture and storage, which is a profitable business when CO2 emission allowances are quoted above EUR 60 per tonne,” Obajtek concluded.

The Orlen Group manages refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania, conducts retail operations in Central Europe, mining operations in Poland, Norway, Canada and Pakistan, as well as energy production, including renewable energy sources, and natural gas distribution. As part of building a multi-energy concern, the company finalized the acquisitions of Energa, Grupa Lotos and PGNiG. Its consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 277.56 billion in 2022. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1999; is included in the WIG20 index.


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