The Orlen Group has permission to develop deposits in Norway with 0.4 billion m3 of planned production

The Orlen Group, together with its concession partners, received permission to develop the Ørn and Alve Nord deposits on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, which will provide the concern with approx. The start of mining is planned for the second half of the year. 2027

Extraction from the deposits will be characterized by a low carbon footprint – over 3 times lower than the global average. This is another consent to start mining obtained by the Orlen Group in June 2023 – earlier, the Norwegian authorities approved production plans for the Fenris and Tyrving deposits and the Yggdrasil area, it was emphasized.

“The development of the Ørn, Alve Nord, Fenris fields and the Yggdrasil area will provide the Orlen Group with 9 bcm of natural gas over the entire period of operation. These are key investments that will ensure that we maintain stable, high production of natural gas in the coming years. We want as much of the raw material sent to Poland via the Baltic Pipe as possible to come from the group’s own production on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. This will not only guarantee the effective implementation of the company’s business goals, but will also strengthen the energy security of the country and the entire region,” said President Daniel Obajtek, quoted in the release.

Ørn and Alve Nord are located in the Norwegian Sea near the Skarv area, which is the center of the mining activity of PGNiG Upstream Norway from the Orlen Group. The company operates six fields there: Skarv, Ærfugl, Ærfugl Nord, Idun, Tilje and Gråsel. The development plan for Ørn and Alve Nord provides for the drilling of two wells on each field, which will then be connected by a seabed pipeline from the Skarv Floating Production and Storage Unit (FPSO). The use of the existing infrastructure will significantly reduce the capital expenditures needed to start production, and thus translate into greater profitability of operation. In addition, it will shorten the development time and reduce the related CO2 emissions. The start of production is scheduled for the second half of 2027.


Currently, the Orlen Group holds interests in 98 licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The group’s extractable resources amount to 346.6 million barrels of oil equivalent, which places it among the top 10 largest hydrocarbon exploration and production players in Norway. Last year, the concern’s production on the Norwegian Continental Shelf amounted to over 88,000 tonnes. boe per day and was conducted from 18 fields.

The Orlen Group manages refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania, conducts retail operations in Central Europe, mining operations in Poland, Norway, Canada and Pakistan, as well as energy production, including renewable energy sources, and natural gas distribution. As part of building a multi-energy concern, the company finalized the acquisitions of Energa, Grupa Lotos and PGNiG. Its consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 277.56 billion in 2022. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1999; is included in the WIG20 index.


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