The only way is up! Vertical farming growing plant extract from herbs

An ‘experimental’ start-up has become the first in Europe to utilise a vertical farm to both grow herbs and produce plant extracts for the beauty, health and pharmaceutical industries.

Vertigo Farms, located in the Puławy Science and Technology Park in the east of Polan,d grows 11, 000 plants on an area of 300 square metres using 4 metres high metal constructions resembling shelving units, a capacity which would require an area 100 times larger if using a traditional farm.

Established by husband and wife team Anna and Dawid Drzewiecki after their observations of where different plant extracts came from in cosmetics and natural supplements, the company’s innovation is based on their focus on vertical farming for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry as well as their unique form of production, combining the growth of plants and the production of extracts in one place.

The two process of growth and production have hitherto been separate in other companies in the same field, with sites often large distances apart.

Dawid Drzewiecki told Puls Biznesu: “Our idea was to shorten the supply chain and make it independent of logistics.

The ambitious company, which sees themselves as filling a niche due to the small number of companies producing plant extracts for the cosmetics, health and pharma sectors, has big expansion plans.

Earlier this year, it signed an important deal for innovative vertical farming technology with a leading Finnish company specialising in the building of vertical farms.

The technology will enable the company to experiment with tropical plants and to grow a wider variety of herbs.

Their aim is to expand to 10-20 plant types by 2022-2023.


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