The Onde consortium has a contract for a wind farm in the province of Łódź for PLN 37 million net

The consortium of Onde and P&Q sp. z o.o. received an order to commence works, resulting in the entry into force of a construction works contract for the performance of comprehensive works regarding the construction of a wind farm consisting of a total of 10 wind turbines with accompanying infrastructure, the company announced. The total value of the contract: approx. PLN 37 million net, of which the value attributable to Onde is approx. PLN 19 million net. The investor is Enwind.

Onde is a leading contractor of infrastructure for the renewable energy sector (RES), in particular wind farms and photovoltaic farms in Poland. It also operates in the road and engineering construction sector, implementing investments for road infrastructure in Poland. The company operates within the Erbud Group. Onde debuted on the WSE in 2021; is included in the sWIG80 index.


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