The offshore farm project excludes private and foreign investors

The draft ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure concerning the requirements that must be met by companies investing in offshore wind farms will exclude foreign and private companies from investing in offshore wind energy in Poland, according to watchdog Lewiatan Confederation, which suggests a redraft and compromise.

“The content of the regulation gives bonuses to coal-based state energy companies for which it will be easier to obtain location permits, and thus to obtain auction support for offshore wind farms. Foreign and private concerns that do not have cooperation agreements with state-owned companies will be affected, ”said Dorota Zawadzka-Stępniak, director of the Lewiatan energy and climate change department.

According to Lewiatan, the Ministry of Infrastructure gave up the idea to primarily reward experience in the implementation of complex projects in maritime areas. In addition to the criterion related to the construction of offshore wind farms, other criteria have been introduced regarding experience in the construction of onshore wind farms, short-term pilot projects in the field of hydrocarbon production or the implementation of energy storage.


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