Google Cloud Warsaw opens

Since Google opened its first office in Poland over 15 years ago, Google has been supporting the country’s growing digital economy, providing partners and customers with cutting-edge technology, knowledge and global insights. With the announcement of a strategic partnership with Poland’s Domestic Cloud Provider in September 2019, we further committed to bring the power of Google Cloud to support the rapid growth, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation of Polish businesses.

Now, as Poland looks towards economic recovery, enterprises and public organizations of all sizes are taking advantage of new cloud technologies, and we are delivering on our commitment. To support customers in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the new Google Cloud region in Warsaw is now open.

Designed to help Polish and CEE companies build highly available applications for their customers, the Warsaw region is our first Google Cloud region in Poland and seventh to open in Europe.

With this new region, Google Cloud customers operating in Poland and the wider CEE will benefit from low latency and high performance of their cloud-based workloads and data. Designed for high availability, the region opens with three availability zones to protect against service disruptions, and offers a portfolio of key products, including Compute Engine, App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Spanner, and BigQuery.


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