The new Exiles Studio team will develop Drug Dealer Manager for Movie Games

Movie Games has entered into a partnership with Exiles Studio - a new development team made up of experienced game developers. His first project for Movie Games is "Drug Dealer Manager" aimed at, among others to the recipients of the previous hit of the publishing house - "Drug Dealer Simulator", reported Movie Games.

“Exiles Studio is a newly appointed team composed of both experienced and young developers. His first project carried out for Movie Games is Drug Dealer Manager addressed to strategy enthusiasts and recipients of the earlier hit of the publishing house - 'Drug Dealer Simulator'. The game is being produced for Movie Games, and the work on it has been going on for several months, ”reads the release.

“Establishment of Exiles Studio and cooperation with the team means for us to facilitate work on an already ongoing project. The core of Exiles is made up of people we've had the pleasure of working with and who have started work on the 'Drug Dealer Manager'. Now they will continue them with us under a new brand, which will facilitate synergy with the Movie Games Family in both the production and marketing areas. We are fully satisfied with the quality of the game and we are preparing for its official announcement. As the goals of the new team and ours are similar, we are starting to analyze the potential of ideas for further joint projects, ”said Mateusz Wcześniak, president of Movie Games, quoted in the release.

Movie Games is a Polish global video game publisher, listed on NewConnect since December 2018. The Movie Games portfolio includes adventure games ("Lust for Darkness", "Lust from Beyond", "Lust from Beyond: M Edition"), simulators ("Drug Dealer Simulator", "Gas Station Simulator", "MythBusters" and "Alaskan Truck Simulator") as well as other genres such as strategy and city builder. In 2021, Movie Games, together with the Platige Image production, post-production and special effects studio, founded Image Games, a premium indie development studio focusing on indie AA role-playing games.

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