The NCBR will allocate PLN 20 million to offshore and PV projects

As part of the competition, NCBR is looking for innovative projects related to research issues concerning the development of offshore wind energy and photovoltaics.

The National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) will allocate PLN 20 million to support projects in the seventh edition of the “Gospostrateg” competition – a strategic research and development program, the institution said.

“Scientific research enables the implementation of projects for the benefit of society and the economy. Therefore, we stimulate the areas that require necessary actions. By implementing the Gospostrateg program, we want to fill the gaps in important areas necessary for the development of the country, ”said the NCBR director, Dr. Eng. Wojciech Kamieniecki.

The call for applications for funding will start on September 1 and will last until October 27, 2021. The competition is open to consortia consisting of research units, commercial companies, foundations and associations, which include a maximum of five entities. The submitted projects may include basic research, industrial research, development works and pre-implementation works – the latter are an obligatory element of the project.


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