Mabion ready for production of antigen for Novavax

In terms of equipment and production capabilities, the Mabion plant is ready to start the production of antigen for Novavax on a commercial scale, said President Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk. As part of the implementation of order No. 2, resulting from the framework agreement concluded in March this year by Mabion and Novavax, the advance invoice issued by Mabion for the amount of USD 15.23 million was settled by Novavax in July.

“All the preparatory works that were planned and so far possible to carry out have been completed. We have strong confirmation that our facility can produce the vaccine antigen on a commercial scale. The technology transfer required a huge mobilization and dedication from the entire Mabion team, so we are proud that we completed the preparation for production process in a short time and we are very pleased with the parameters of the produced antigen “- said Kaczmarczyk.

As he added, if a commercial production contract is signed, it will be able to take place in two bioreactors currently owned by Mabion in order to use the currently available, full production capacity of the plant. The next steps may be based on the powers extended by further bioreactors.


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