Lubawa weapons group in R&D drive

The Lubawa Group received an extended concession allowing it to fully launch an important investment – Centrum-Badań i Rozwoju, the company said.

“The extension by the Ministry of Interior and Administration of the concession for the production of weapons, products for military and police purposes and trade in them, held by the Lubawa company, and the inclusion of the newly established Research and Development Center (CBR) is the crowning achievement of this investment and means its full launch”, the company announced.

The construction of CBR Lubawa began in 2017, with the support of PLN 4.6 million of EU funding under the Smart Growth Operational Program.

“The fully operating and equipped Lubawa Research and Development Center has been granted a license to manufacture and trade in weapons components. Although most of the R&D Center has been in operation for many months, its concession is a symbolic completion of the investment. From now on, the Lubawa Group will be able to take full advantage of the functioning of the center. Qualified staff is already carrying out R&D work, which results in achieving full control over the research and development process, ”said President Marcin Kubica.


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