The largest hotel in Poland is about to be completed. Gołębiewski in Pobierowo in the fire of criticism

The Gołębiewski hotel in the seaside Pobierowo, which has been under construction for several years, is nearing completion. It is to be commissioned even for the holiday of 2022. A huge building with 1.4 thousand. rooms is controversial – it has both fans and fierce opponents among the residents. The investment will be the largest hotel in Poland.

The latest venture of the well-known hotelier Tadeusz Gołębiewski is not ready yet, and the building under construction in the Rewal commune has long been regarded as an informal tourist attraction. Ever since its construction started, visitors and locals have flocked to it, writes Business Insider.

From the very beginning, the hotel divided the residents, and the closer to its completion, the more heated the discussion of opponents and supporters of Gołębiewski.

“Pathohoteling. In the past, in the coastal zone, buildings were built up to the height of the treetops – this block is a landscape drama. “Podhalization” of Poland is progressing at an alarming pace” – commented the investment on Twitter, social activist Jan Śpiewak.

The sale of the plot for the complex also raised doubts. The former military land for PLN 50.5 million was sold to the investor by the then reeve of Rewal, Robert Skarburski. And then, by a strange coincidence, the man became the director of the hotel in Pobierowo. The residents are also very concerned that the investment will kill the intimate character of the town. Pobierowo itself has only about a thousand inhabitants, and the entire commune of Rewal has about 3.8 thousand people. This means that when fully booked, there will be around three times as many tourists as locals.


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