Amazon boasts of its 23,000 permanent employees in Poland

23,000 – this is currently (as of September 8, 2021) the number of permanent employees employed by Amazon in Poland. The American company, counting from the beginning of 2020, has created 5,000 new jobs in Poland. In addition, in the same period, it boosted the development of 2,500 Polish companies from the small and medium-sized enterprise sector.

Amazon directly and indirectly has created over 51,000 jobs in Poland. This figure includes 10,000 seats created by small and medium-sized enterprises selling on Amazon since 2020. The concern also informs that since 2012 it has generated over PLN 12 billion in investments in Poland, which led to the generation of PLN 12 billion of added value in the economy.

“In March, we launched the platform and, in the long term, we strive to provide our Polish customers with valuable shopping experiences. We constantly invest in our teams and employ talented employees in Poland. Moreover, we have created extensive business opportunities for Polish small and medium-sized enterprises, which on average in 2020 sold over 30 products per minute. We are very enthusiastic about their future development, both on the Polish website and internationally.” said Mourad Taoufiki, General Manager of


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