Katowice Zone booms as electromobility grows

More and more projects in the area of ​​electromobility are being drawn to the Katowice Special Economic Zone. Among them are the production of the first ever Polish brand of electric car Izera and investments of FCA Poland, which will produce completely new models of cars with electric and hybrid drive in Poland. In addition, the SK Innovation concern is building factories in which battery separators used in electric cars will be manufactured. The Katowice SEZ also attracts Polish micro and small entrepreneurs. In 2020, they were responsible for almost 70 percent of investment projects.

“The last two years are just great and large projects in electromobility. After all, these are three new electric cars, the Polish Izera and one of the largest projects, SK Innovation, a global manufacturer of separators for electric batteries. We are becoming, in a way, an electromobility hub, because these large projects attract small and medium-sized enterprises. It is also an opportunity for Polish companies in our voivodeship” – emphasizes Dr. Janusz Michałek, president of the Katowice Special Economic Zone.

At the end of 2020, two large electromobility projects were launched in the KSEZ. One of them is the first-ever Polish brand of electric car Izera, the production of which is to start in 2024. In turn, FCA Poland (now, after merging with PSA, it creates the Stellantis concern) will produce completely new car models in Tychy, with electric and hybrid drives. As part of the decision to support the KSEZ itself, the company declared over PLN 755 million of outlays for the Tychy factory.

In turn, this year, the SK Innovation concern bought a plot of land for factories where separators of batteries used in electric cars will be manufactured. The total investment expenditure related to the creation and commissioning of four factories will amount to PLN 7 billion.


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