Koral ice cream breaks sales records

Forecasts for the entire market in the mid-2021 are also very optimistic. According to Nielsen data, the value of the market is currently over PLN 2.5 billion.

For the first time in our history, we have observed the breaking of the weather barrier in consumer behavior. The team’s ice cream sold well in March and April, when it was still cold outside, says Olga Walentynowicz from Koral.

The ice cream advertised by Friz and his team is still breaking sales records and is the most popular product in the 40-year history of the Koral company. The brand survey shows that generations of Poles have a lot in common in this area. Both younger and older consumers have similar idols, and at the same time admit that they would like to eat ice cream with their “crew”. Despite the pandemic, ice cream remained a dessert for society and we rarely eat it alone.

The popularity of Koral Team ice cream has an unquestionable impact on sales in the impulse ice cream segment.

Until 2020, the ice cream market in Poland was developing very quickly, sales grew every year and broke new records. The coronavirus pandemic made the outlook very pessimistic at first, but ultimately the ice cream market came out unscathed. The worst-case scenario for the ice cream industry did not materialize. The forecasts for this year’s season are very optimistic – sums up the PR manager of the Koral brand.


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