The Holding team is intensifying activities. It has bought shares in Horex

The Holding team, from the JR Holding group, is intensifying the activities of its investment arm in the form of the Investments ASI team, according to the announcement. The company has already completed its first investments, including by buying shares in Horex.

“The entity was established in order to build a separate independent business profile in the Ekipa group. The aim is to invest in companies which, in addition to capital, will be offered support, in particular in influencer marketing, the FMCG industry and the creation of new brands, ”reads the release.

As part of this activity, it will be natural to offer companies that have been invested in opportunities to find synergies with the Ekipa group. Entities from the new technologies and media, entertainment and e-commerce industries are of interest. The Investment ASI team invests in companies at the pre-seed and seed stage. The value of a single capital investment is from PLN 250 thousand. PLN up to PLN 1 million, it was added in the information.

“Thanks to the experience we gained, we managed to build a network of synergies and contacts that we want to offer to portfolio companies. By investing in entities, we invite selected projects to the family. We are convinced that we give potential companies a unique opportunity to join our ecosystem, which in many cases is even more important than capital itself. We intend to expand our business as Crew Holding and thanks to our own investment arm, we will be able to deliver interesting projects ”- said Krzysztof Misiałkiewicz, vice-president of the Investments Team ASI, quoted in the announcement.

Ekipa Holding S.A. after finalizing the merger with BBI S.A. has been listed on the NewConnect market since May 11, 2022. Work is currently underway on a new development strategy that should be presented within a few weeks.

Ekipa Holding S.A. was established on the initiative of the most famous and influencers in Poland. Its goal is to take the current activities of the team to a different level and to dynamically develop in new industries. In addition to the development and projects related to the Ekipa group, the company will be responsible for production activities and the implementation of technological and lifestyle innovations in various areas of life and business.

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