The Helenowo PV farm with a capacity of 74 MW has been connected to the grid

The Helenowo photovoltaic farm located in Kleczew in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, with an installed capacity of 74 MW, has been connected to the grid, Better Energy reported.

“Clean energy will accelerate Poland’s economic growth, create new jobs, improve people’s quality of life, contribute to mitigating climate change and protecting the environment. We want to show others how to shape our future in building an energy system that benefits the entire society. That is why we are actively expanding our portfolio of photovoltaic farms and looking for new partners and development opportunities. These include, for example, chargers for electric cars or energy storage facilities,” said Łukasz Witkowski, Better Energy Development Director in Poland, quoted in the release.

The portfolio of Better Energy solar power plants connected to the grid in our country currently includes four investments – Polanów, Postomino, Nidzica, Helenowo – with a total installed capacity of 208 MW. Further projects are under construction, with the total portfolio of projects at the development stage exceeding 1,000 MW. Later this year, Better Energy expects to complete additional large-scale investments in photovoltaic farms, for which it has obtained financial support from the largest Danish and European institutional investors.

The Helenowo photovoltaic farm will provide clean electricity sufficient to power approximately 37,000 households. Polish households annually. In total, Better Energy photovoltaic farms in Poland currently generate electricity needed to power 104,000 households. households per year.

Better Energy is a leader in the generation of green energy and one of the fastest growing producers of renewable energy in Northern Europe. Established in 2012 in Denmark, the company develops, finances, builds and operates large photovoltaic farms and sells the renewable energy it generates. Currently, Better Energy operates in Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.


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