The government has adopted a package of facilitations for entrepreneurs

The Council of Ministers adopted a package of facilitations for entrepreneurs, which includes, among others: simplification of setting up a business and reduction of formalities in running a company, prepared by the Ministry of Development and Technology, the ministry announced.

“We want running a business in Poland to be easier, and the applicable regulations do not limit entrepreneurs, but help them. Therefore, we propose e.g. the ‘one in, one out’ principle, i.e. by introducing a new obligation for entrepreneurs, we will strive to abolish another. Another solution is the principle of monthly vacatio legis for economic regulations. We also tolerate minor inconveniences, e.g. we limit the need to use a stamp. The new regulations will contribute to the creation of a more stable and entrepreneur-friendly law,” said Minister Waldemar Buda, quoted in the release.

The package of changes consists of four pillars: easier first steps in business, simpler rules for running companies, streamlining succession in companies, friendly economic law.

In the project, the Ministry proposed extending the definition of craftsmanship and craftsman in the Crafts Act and the use of electronic means of communication in voting by craftsmen’s economic self-government bodies. It will contribute to the inclusion of craft entities that have been excluded from them so far and could not benefit from the co-financing of the costs of educating juvenile workers in the craft.

The Ministry also proposed limiting the use of a stamp (it will not be possible to require and demand the use of a stamp from the entrepreneur), streamlining the rules of control in companies (along with the notification of the control, the entrepreneur will be provided with a list of documents and information that will be necessary during the control), limiting the paper documentation and
departure from the principle of two-instance proceedings in favor of one-instance procedure in several subsequent administrative proceedings.

The package also includes succession improvements in companies, e.g. automatic extension of the succession management board by the court, facilitating the appointment of a succession manager and facilitating the performance of his tasks and facilitating the succession of companies and the exercise of rights attached to shares and stocks – introduction of a new procedure for appointing and recalling a common representative for co-owners of shares or shares in commercial companies.

The Ministry also included in the draft an amendment to the economic law – e.g. introduction of the ‘one in, one out’ principle (introducing one new administrative obligation, the drafter will strive to reduce another obligation), the principle of a sufficiently long vacatio legis for economic law provisions (which, as a rule, should not be shorter than a month) and mandatory ex post evaluation economic regulations, when public consultations were not held, it was also stated.


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