Largest solar farm in Poland built on former lignite mine

The solar farm, which was established on the initiative of Zygmunt Solorz, has started its operation. It is located in the Brudzew commune on the site of the former Adamów lignite mine. It was built by a consortium of eSoleo and PAK Serwis, and the owner is the ZE PAK Group.

The construction was financed by three banks: Pekao SA, PKO BP and mBank. The owner boasts that it is the largest solar power plant in Poland.

The farm was built about 100 ha of land – the same area where lignite was mined in the past.

Polsat Plus Group will be one of the recipients of electricity produced by the farm in Brudzewo. The farm has a capacity of 70 Mwp. It consists of over 155 thousand. photovoltaic modules, each of them has a power of 455 Wp. In addition to them, 306 inverters and over 900 km of cables and optical fibers were used for the construction. Annually, the power plant is to produce approx. 68,188 MWh.


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