German DM chain targets Poland; battle looms with Rossmann

Rossmann’s leading position on the Polish market may soon be threatened. Another German drugstore chain, Dm-drogerie markt, is planning to enter Poland – with a dozen or so stores at once.

Dm-drogerie markt in Poland
According to the website Wiadomoś, the German chain Dm-drogerie markt – one of the biggest European players on the drugstore market – intends to launch 12-15 stores in Poland.

Currently, the network is looking for employees for three positions: regional manager, store manager and technical support specialist in the person of an IT consultant who will handle the SAP ERP system.

At the end of September 2020, Dm-drogerie markt had a network of 3,765 stores across Europe. Over 2,000 of them operated in Germany, in addition, the company also operates, among others in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Poland will be the 14th country in which it is present.


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