Gdańsk DCT port nearly in top 5, breaks through 15 million TEUs

Another symbolic barrier has been broken at DCT Gdańsk, the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea. The 15 millionth container has been handled since the terminal opened in 2007.

Thanks to a 17-meter-deep quay, world-class efficiency and record numbers of transhipped containers, DCT Gdańsk is the only deepwater terminal in the Baltic Sea that serves the largest container ships in the world. The dynamic development of the terminal is possible thanks to continuous investments in infrastructure and equipment, as well as very high efficiency of the facility. In 2019, DCT Gdańsk broke the annual record, reloading over 2 million TEU.

DCT Gdańsk continues large investment programs, which include, inter alia, extension of the railway siding (enlarging it from four to seven tracks – each 750 m long). The Gdańsk terminal is already the largest railway transhipment point in Poland and one of the 10 largest port railway terminals in Europe. Thanks to the increase in capacity, DCT will join the top five. Other investments are also being prepared to strengthen DCT Gdansk’s position for the development of regional trade and further integration with extensive global supply chains.


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