The first Polish startup worth a billion dollars in 2021. This is just the beginning

The Polish startup market has an innovative company with a valuation of more than $ 1 billion. The so-called the unicorn status has been achieved by DocPlanner, one of the most famous Polish medical startups, known in the country from the ZnanyLekarz platform.

DocPlanner is a website for arranging medical appointments and assessing doctors over the Internet. According to the latest Dealroom data, the Polish startup, along with 70 other global startups, joined this year. to the group of global unicorns.

Mariusz Gralewski's startup, who early co-created the popular website for professionals GoldenLine, has been growing rapidly for several years. The breakthrough moment for the company, which was established nine years ago, was the year 2016. It was then that it bought a rival - the Spanish Doctoralia. The third player in the global market gave the Polish company access to markets in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Chile. The next milestone came in 2019, when DocPlanner obtained EUR 80 million in financing from investors. Even then, it was already impressive that DocPlanner acquired a total of over EUR 130 million of capital from the start of the business. Thanks to the powerful support, the startup was able to make further acquisitions - it was taken over by TuoTempo (an Italian producer of software for medical facilities and hospitals)

It is possible that 2021 will be unique for the domestic startup market - Booksy is close to the status that DocPlanner has achieved. The company led by Stafan Batory raised over a quarter of a billion zlotys from investors at the beginning of the year, last year it joined another domestic website for arranging visits, among others in hairdressing and beauty salons - Versum (this is not the first such move on the Vistula - in 2018 it bought the Lavito platform), and now makes another acquisition. It is about purchasing Genbook, one of the American rivals in the scheduling industry. The details of the transaction are a secret, but there is no doubt that Booksy in the US is already a tycoon. Last month, Batory's company acquired another competitor there - GoPanache.

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