First installation of perovskite solar panels in Lublin

The first installation of innovative solar panels based on perovskites was launched in Lublin. These cells – light and plastic – can be placed on various surfaces and generate energy both from the sun and from artificial light.

The Lublin installation is in the form of photovoltaic shutters – solar breakers with perovskite cells. It has an area of ​​32 sq m. It was created on the facade of the Aliplast building in Lublin, which produces aluminum systems for the construction industry.

“This is the world’s first commercial implementation of perovskite solar cell technology” – said Saule Technologies, which in May launched the first factory of these panels in Wrocław.

The inventor of modern technology for the production of flexible photovoltaic cells based on perovskites is Polish physicist Olga Malinkiewicz.

In an interview with journalists, Malinkiewicz explained that classic photovoltaic panels produced on the basis of silicon are quite fragile and heavy, built into rigid frames and cannot be placed anywhere. By contrast, perovskite-based cells can generate the same amount of power, but are lightweight and flexible.

The perovskite material used for their production is obtained chemically by synthesis. As Malinkiewicz explained, it can be used as ink and print photovoltaic panels with special printers. “Due to the fact that the panels can be printed, they are not only cheap, but also environmentally friendly to produce them” – she added.


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