Ryanair’s Buzz charters airline to be based in Krakow with Boeing 737s

The new Boeing 737s arrived in Europe directly from the factory, according to the Fly4free portal. It differs from the base model 737 Max mainly in the interior and can accommodate 8 more passengers on board (a total of 197 people).

Fly4free reported that the Polish company Buzz, owned by Ryanair, is waiting for 7 more such aircraft, which will be delivered to Poland by the end of October. The first planes will be based in Krakow, and the rest will go to other countries in the CEE region. Buzz also serves clients from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. Before winter, this airline will already have 54 aircraft– writes the portal.

“Tickets will remain cheap with us, despite the fact that we survived the crisis with our own savings and no country helped us”, said Michal Katzmarczyk, Ryanair Director in Poland, Head of Buzz Line.


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