European cloud tech hub – Gaia-X – opens in Poland

The facility of the European project for the development of cloud technology – Gaia-X hub inaugurated its activity in Poland during the second day of the CYBERSEC 2021 conference in Krynica-Zdrój, the Digital Poland Association said.

It will be the third domestic facility of the hub – after Luxembourg and Slovenia.
“At the helm” of the project in our country are the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (PIIT) and the Digital Poland Association, it said.

Gaia-X’s mission is based on the design and implementation of a data sharing architecture that consists of common data exchange standards, best practices, data management tools and mechanisms. The tasks of national hubs include the creation of an ecosystem of cloud providers, users and the “government factor” in a given country, as well as the development of new standards and good practices in the field of cloud computing, explained.

“Locating the hub in the country is a great opportunity for Polish business, science and administration to gain a valuable voice on the development of the European data economy. It is also another step towards building our country’s position in the digital sphere, ”said the president of the Digital Poland Association, Michał Kanownik.


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