The Extraordinary General Meeting of Airway Medix decided to issupe up to 11.6 million series E shares and up to 8.7 million series F shares

At an extraordinary general meeting, shareholders of Airway Medix agreed to issue up to 11.6 million series E shares with the total or partial deprivation of the existing shareholders' pre-emptive rights, the company said.
At the same time, the shareholders decided to issue up to 8.7 million subscription warrants "intended to be acquired by persons who are employees, associates, contractors or are significantly involved in the company's operations". One warrant will entitle to take up one series F share, as stated in the resolutions.

Therefore, the general meeting also decided to conditionally increase the share capital by issuing a maximum of 8.7 million series F shares.

The share capital of the company was divided (as of June 30 this year) into 58,418,444 shares.

As previously announced by the company, the purpose of the conditional share capital increase is to enable holders of series B subscription warrants to take up series F shares. The conditional increase of the company's share capital will allow the management board to offer series B subscription warrants to persons important for the company's operations. The purpose of the issue of subscription warrants and the conditional increase of the share capital is to create for the company's management board the possibility of implementing an incentive program for employees, associates, contractors or other persons significantly involved in the company's development and operations indicated by the company's management board.

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