The Euvic Group consolidates its marketing companies under the Euvic Performance brand

The Euvic Group is consolidating companies operating under the Performance pillar, the press release said. They will form a group operating under the Euvic Performance brand.

“FFW Communication changes its name to Euvic Digital and together with Euvic Media (formerly ClickAd Interactive) and Euvic Effect (formerly All4affiliate) and Euvic360E-com (formerly 360E-com) they form a group operating under the Euvic Performance brand. These activities are part of the implementation of the long-term development strategy of Integrator 2.0, ”reads the release.

“Under the Euvic Performance brand, we create a group of entities whose task is to be One Stop Shop. By establishing cooperation with EP under one roof, the client can be served in any range of advertising, media and communication services, but at the same time will receive all technological support and services based on the latest martech and adtech technologies. The final combination of the services offered by all entities seems to be a natural step in the company's development, and from the clients' point of view it is a guarantee that their needs will be met at the highest level and with the expected effect, ”said Maciej Teliszewski, President of Clickad, quoted in the announcement.

Euvic is a Polish IT group that bases its activities on five key pillars: software development, body / team leasing, IT infrastructure, innovations and digital.

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