The Ekipa Investments invests in the Plenti electronics rental platform

The Ekipa Investments ASI invests PLN 1 million in Plenti, a technological platform that rents consumer electronics, the team announced.

The investment is aimed at supporting the development of Plenti and increasing the availability of electronic devices for a wide range of users, as well as changing consumer habits.

“The decision to invest in Plenti was a natural choice for us. We see great potential in this company, which has the ability to transform the way consumers use electronic equipment. We see similar habits among Generation Z, which is our main audience. Our investment strategy is based on identifying companies with an innovative approach to the market and supporting them in their development. Plenti fits perfectly into this strategy,” said Maciej Siemaszko, Associate Ekipa Investments ASI, quoted in the release.

The Plenti platform offers a flexible rental service for consumer electronics in the model of monthly subscriptions. In this way, it enables access to the latest models of smartphones, laptops, game consoles or VR glasses. Renting a device on the platform also allows users to avoid long-term attachment to one model, it was emphasized.

Plenti’s services are currently used by over 150,000. users who have over 600 types of devices for rent at their disposal. Last week, the company officially launched the PlentiPartners program, allowing other entrepreneurs to earn money by renting electronics on the platform.

Ekipa Investments ASI is a company belonging to the Ekipa Holding Capital Group, from the portfolio of the JR Holding investment company. It supports young entrepreneurs by providing capital and support in choosing the best possible development path. He invests in companies at the pre-seed and seed stage, mainly in entities from the new technologies, media, broadly understood entertainment and e-commerce sectors. The value of a single investment is from PLN 250,000. PLN to PLN 1 million.


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