The Ekipa Holding is developing new projects, the premieres are planned for this year

The Holding team talks to distributors about the most important universe created by the group. The first series and games should premiere this year, CEO Łukasz Wojtyca announced.

“We have not yet shown the effects of our investments, which should significantly change the perception of our company. Different universities are at different stages. The most important of them [animated film] is ready for production, talks with distributors are underway. The pioneering activity of Laniakea will receive its first deadline only this year. So far, we have not imposed them on it, due to the creative stage of its activity,” Wojtyca said during the SII chat.

He noted that Ekipa Holding was established to take the Ekipa’s mission, i.e. “we provide broadly understood entertainment”, to a different level – hence the investments in the creation of series and games, which should have their premiere this year.

Filip Bielecki, Vice-President of Ekipa Holding, reminded that Ekipa Holding as a capital group is divided into the following segments: film production, creation, support and service for Inflencers, gaming, confectionery and clothing sales.

“We are consistently implementing the announced strategy. This year we will present you the first effects of what EKIPA Holding was established for, i.e. taking the entertainment we provide to a higher level. You will receive the first effects of our work,” added Bielecki.


The Management Board also emphasized that it wants to reinvest all profits as of today. With regard to the recent information of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) on the explanatory proceedings regarding, among others, Ekipa’s shares, the group’s authorities indicated, they obtained information about it from a public announcement of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. “We as a company have no influence on the investment decisions of our shareholders. We are waiting for the KNF to clarify the matter” – summed up the Management Board of the Team.

Ekipa, listed on NewConnect, is the largest company in Poland responsible for providing online entertainment. Due to the dynamic development of the Ekipa influencer group and the desire to expand activities in new industries, Ekipa Holding S.A. was established in 2020. All operating activities were transferred to the capital group and entities specialized in new industries were established to complement and develop the company. The main goal of the company is to provide broadly understood entertainment on various levels.


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