Draw Distance gaming studio raising 4.5 million pln

Draw Distance, a Krakow studio known for games such as Serial Cleaner or Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York, is currently raising PLN 4.5 million, with plans to IPO on New Connect exchange.

At the end of June, Draw Distance started the issue of series C shares, and the issue price was set at PLN 2. Thanks to the offer, the company wants to obtain up to PLN 4.5 million for the implementation of several goals. One of them is the completion of work on Serial Cleaners and the marketing campaign of the title, which is to be released later this year. The company also intends to allocate part of the amount to further work on Project Cardinal, enlarging the production team and implementing the project under the GameINN program.

Subscriptions for individual investors are held until July 14 by Dom Maklerski NWAI via the eNWAI.pl investment platform. It is worth noting that the possibility of submitting a fully electronic subscription is available to all investors, regardless of the entity running the brokerage account.

“We want to obtain a maximum of PLN 4.5 million gross. We do not have a minimum issue threshold, therefore, regardless of the number of subscriptions, we will not resign from our offer. Two emission targets relate specifically to our productions, i.e. Serial Cleaners and Project Cardinal (…) ”says Michał Mielcarek, President of Draw Distance.


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