3LP logistics aims for IPO on Warsaw Stock Exchange

TIM’s revenues, from the beginning of 2021, have exceeded PLN 1 billion. In October, the company implemented the assumptions of the strategy for 2019-2021 and is planning another one, which will be published in Q1 2022.

At the beginning of November, the company belonging to the TIM capital group, specializing in logistics for e-commerce, has just filed an issue prospectus with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and is planning to debut on the WSE.

“3LP grew out of serving the TIM company. It is a logistics company dedicated to e-commerce and handling a large number of shipments throughout the day. The company is extremely automated and this is its greatest value. There is no online sales without efficient logistics, which is why 3LP is actually an e-commerce company, as it is one of the elements of the value chain of this business.” – said CEO and main shareholder of TIM, Krzysztof Folta.

“We have just submitted the prospectus to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and we are formally starting the process of preparing for the IPO. We hope that our stock exchange experience will make everything run smoothly. We have decided to debut 3LP on the stock exchange for two reasons. so far, it is only consolidated in the financial results of the TIM Group. I think that making the company public and making its valuation more realistic, which results from the prospects, will also affect the value of the TIM company itself. The key factor, however, is capital needs. As part of the public offering, 3LP will want to raise capital, which will invest in warehouse automation. After the offer, TIM wants to remain the majority shareholder of the company and we will not sell shares for at least a year. ” – said Folta.


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