Creotech consortium to build a constellation of microsatellites

Creotech Instruments will lead the consortium, which will construct a constellation of microsatellites intended for the implementation of Earth observation missions for the needs of the security and defense sector.

Other members of the consortium are: PCO (member of the Polish Armaments Group), Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation, Military University of Technology and the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

“The signing of the agreement is a natural consequence of the cooperation of these entities in projects that are already being implemented. This concerns in particular the project concerning the development of the Polish structure of the observation microsatellite (the National Center for Research and Development entitled EagleEye, financed under the so-called Fast Path) and the project of building a constellation of nanosatellites (the PIAST project financed by the National Center for Research and Development from funds allocated to research in the area of ​​security and defense). The experience of all signatories of the agreement in the implementation of projects for the European Space Agency is also very important. It allows the implementation of European standards ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization), which guarantee the necessary level of quality of the developed solutions, ”reads the release.

The participants of the agreement also assume that the construction of the constellation will enable financing from the sources of the National Reconstruction Program, the provisions of which provide for significant activities related to the use of space.

Creotech Instruments is the largest Polish company producing and delivering to the global market space technologies and specialized electronics and apparatus, incl. for quantum computers, quantum cryptography or quantum physics and high energy laboratories. The company’s devices participated in 26 projects for the space sector, including 10 for volatile space missions – 4 of which were carried out for the European Space Agency (ESA). The company has carried out an IPO and is to debut on NewConnect this year.


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