70 MW photovoltaic farm is biggest in Poland

The consortium of eSoleo and PAK Serwis has completed the assembly of 155,000 modules with a total capacity of 70 MW at a photovoltaic farm in Brudzewo. It is the largest solar farm in Poland. ZE PAK is already planning to expand the farm to a capacity of nearly 1,000 MW.

The photovoltaic farm in Brudzewo with a capacity of 70 MW is the largest such farm in Poland. It was established in areas re-positioned after lignite mining.

Work on the extension of the facility has already started, the target capacity of the installation in Brudzewo is to reach nearly 1000 MW.

The energy produced by the farm is to be used to produce green hydrogen. The installation for the production of hydrogen will be built at the Konin Power Plant.

  • In less than 180 days, the eSoleo and PAK Serwis consortium completed the assembly of 155,000 PV modules with a total capacity of 70 MW at the PV farm in Brudzewo”, boasted Piotr Woźny, president of Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów Adamów Konin (ZE PAK) in social media.


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