Covid research consortium, led by Medicofarma and OncoArendi Therapeutics, up for PLN 37 million funding

Project “Discovery and development of novel antiviral drugs destabilizing RNA of coronaviruses”, submitted by a research consortium composed of the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Medicofarma S.A. and OncoArendi Therapeutics (Consortium Leader), on November 29, 2021, received a recommendation for funding by the Medical Research Agency (ABM) in the amount of approximately PLN 37 million.

The application for project co-financing No. 2021 / ABM / 05/00007 was submitted by the Company on behalf of the Consortium, as part of the competition for the development of innovative therapeutic solutions using RNA technology – ABM / 2021/5, financed from the state budget.

The aim of the project is to create a platform for the discovery and development of new antiviral drugs destabilizing RNA of viruses that may pose an epidemiological threat. The combined experience of the Consortium partners includes scientific breakthroughs in the structure of viral RNA and the interaction of proteins and small molecules with viral RNA, modeling and screening to identify and develop innovative small molecule chemicals. The final result of the project will be a safe and effective drug candidate that can be administered orally at an early stage of viral infection to limit disease progression, prevent patient exacerbation or reduce disease duration.

“Recommendation of ABM funding will allow us to launch another program within the RNA platform, focused on the discovery and development of drugs capable of effectively preventing the replication of RNA viruses. To maximize the chances of success in the initial stages of the project, we plan a broad, multi-track approach based on the unique knowledge and experience of the Consortium partners. In the final stage, we will choose the most promising solution – a small molecule, a drug candidate that will enter the clinical trial phase. Taking into account the breakthrough of the planned research, we are convinced of the enormous potential of reducing the global epidemiological risk related to the spread of RNA viruses” – says Dr. Rafał Kamiński, Member of the Board and CSO OncoArendi Therapeutics.


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