The Compremum Group’s backlog is worth PLN 519.4 million

The current backlog of the Compremum Group is worth PLN 519.43 million, announced Radosław Załoziński, vice-president and financial director.
“According to our estimates, the current backlog, that is the value of orders of the Compremum capital group, calculated on the basis of projects concluded in the form of contracts, amounts to PLN 519 million. This mainly applies to the construction sector - to a large extent this includes our core project, i.e. a project related to the implementation of a construction task for PKP PLK [ERTMS-GSM-R]. We also have our contracts in the area of ​​joinery, modernization of railway carriages and a conditional [...] contract for the performance of a construction service in Greece, ”Załoziński said during a press conference.

Compremum (formerly Pozbud) conducts operating activities in four segments: teletechnical construction, joinery, renewable energy sources (RES), railway industry. Since 2008, the company has been listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
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