The company can obtain 16 thousand. PLN subsidy per employee. Labor offices accept applications

Even 16 thousand PLN subsidy for a single employee may be obtained by the owner of the company under the National Training Fund. Entrepreneurs interested in obtaining this type of support may submit applications to poviat labor offices. Recruitment dates vary depending on the facility.

Microentrepreneurs can obtain 100 percent of the initiative as part of the initiative. subsidies for the education of their employees. The pool of funds prepared for this year by the Ministry of Labor and Technology Development is PLN 260 million. Funds are granted only to employers with full-time employment.

The initiative of the National Training Fund is implemented from the Labor Fund with a view to supporting the lifelong learning of employers and employees. As we read on the KFS website, the aim of the program is to prevent the loss of employment by people working due to competences inadequate to the requirements of a dynamically changing economy. The funds obtained by the entrepreneur are to contribute to increasing the potential of employees, which will then positively affect the competitiveness of the company and the employees themselves on the labor market.

As part of the initiative, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises can obtain non-returnable support for staff training. In the case of micro-entrepreneurs, the program provides co-financing in the amount covering 100%. employee training costs. Other companies can obtain up to 80 percent. all costs related to the education of the employee. Only companies employing under an employment contract can apply for support. The maximum amount of co-financing per single employee employed on a full-time basis is PLN 16,000. PLN


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