Łomża brewery wants to cooperate with start-ups

“Thursday Gatherings” are events are organized by CIC around the world – the organization is based in nine cities, including five in the United States, as well as Rotterdam and Sydney, and since last year also Tokyo and Warsaw. Their goal is to enable people related to innovative businesses to contact people, exchange experiences and inspire joint projects.

“After getting to know the people who manage Van Pur – the beer producer – we felt that we could do something good for the innovation ecosystem” – says Ewa Geresz, program director at the Venture Café Warsaw Foundation.

Each event in Warsaw attracts several hundred people – on average half of them are regulars, the other half are new guests. Annually, it gives several thousand people. Global statistics show that over a quarter of the participants are representatives of start-ups (27 percent), half as many are representatives of corporations, 7 percent are investors, 6 percent public sector employees, and 4 percent scientists.

“We really like the formula of Thursday Gathering meetings, in which you can establish relationships and talk about important topics in a relaxed atmosphere” – emphasizes Jacek Borek, senior brand manager of the Łomża brand belonging to the Van Pur company. “Thanks to this, everyone can at their own pace increase their competences in the area of ​​innovation. In the coming months, we are planning further activities that will allow for closer cooperation between start-ups and Van Pur.”


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