California company Box opens R&D centre, will hire 100.

The opening of the Polish research and development department of the Box company was for us another important step on the path of international development. The team responsible for choosing the new office considered many countries, but Poland turned out to be unrivaled. It was influenced by many factors, but the most important was access to a wide base of talented English-speaking specialists from the top shelf. Everything that happens in Warsaw will have a direct impact on the development of the entire organization and the functioning of our content platform.

“We’re thrilled that we now have an office to call home in central Warsaw, and we have already started local recruitment to find and hire Poland’s greatest talent,” said Thierry Chassaing, senior vice president of Engineering and TechOps at Box. “Beginning right away, our teams in Warsaw will help execute our product roadmap allowing us to move even faster as we continue to build our cloud content management platform.”

The Warsaw team will be responsible for many aspects of the company’s operation, although most of the specialists we are looking for are engineers. Our product has many interaction points, so we need qualified professionals from many different fields to work on it. In addition to engineers-programmers, Box is looking for product managers, machine learning specialists and many others. At the moment, we already employ over 30 employees, and within one year we would like to employ over 100 more.

Polish office development strategy, at least for the next year, it is therefore based on a successful recruitment, then appropriate implementation of employees, and, as a result, on achieving full autonomy of the branch. We want Polish employees to be self-sufficient and start working on the product as soon as possible. Leading a squad built from scratch is a major challenge, which is now even further complicated by the ongoing pandemic. All processes related to the opening of new Box offices have so far been mainly offline, and now have to be adapted to the virtual space. What is really important is the fact that the Warsaw teams have been part of the California teams from the very beginning. This allows for virtual integration and free exchange of experiences.


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