Biotech company Urteste debuts on NewConnect exchange

The Warsaw Stock Exchange has admitted to trading the shares of Urteste, a biotechnological company that creates an innovative technology for the detection of cancerous diseases from urine samples. The first trading day has also been setm scheduled for October 27, 2021.

The company quickly submitted the information document and underwent the procedure of entering the NewConnect market. Urteste will join the already large group of this year’s debutants. It will be the 24th company to join the NewConnect market in 2021.

“The technology we are developing is based on the detection of tumors by measuring the activity of enzymes present in the urine. When the Urteste test reacts with the enzyme, it breaks down into two parts and causes a change in the intensity of the color of the urine, which indicates the presence of a tumor in the patient. The company’s focus is on 15 oncological tests, which are at various stages of development and concern over 90% of cases of all neoplastic diseases “- explains prof. Adam Lesner, Chairman of the Urteste Scientific Council.


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