Treasury bans sale of Agricultural Property Agency.

On April 30, the law extending the ban on the sale of land on the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury enters into force. Leasing remains the basic form of management of state-owned agricultural real estate. The ban is expected to apply until the end of April 2026.

The Sejm amended the provisions of the act on suspending the sale of real estate owned by the State Treasury Agricultural Property Stock and amending certain acts on March 17, 2021. The act was signed by Andrzej Duda on April 21, 2021

The basic form of using the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury is now lease.

It is very popular among individual farmers due to the convenient way of using land and buildings. It does not require major financial commitments.

The suspension of sale does not apply to real estate intended for non-agricultural purposes (so-called investment real estate) and real estate with an area of ​​up to 2 ha. For the sale of such real estate, the consent of the Director General of the National Agricultural Support Center, the consent of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, will not be required.

The act also provides for the regulation of the suspension of the sale of shares in joint ownership of real estate. All this to avoid any doubts in this regard.

The new regulations also clarify what is to be in the application submitted to the minister of agriculture for consent to the sale of real estate (part or shares in joint ownership) from state resources, the Director General of the KOWR indicates what socio-economic considerations justify the sale of real estate or part thereof.


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