The Avia Capital fund has invested in Hadatap – the leader in implementing RFID technology in Poland

The Polish growth fund Avia Capital has invested in Hadatap - the leader in implementing RFID technology in Poland, the companies said in a joint statement. Hadatap wants to use the obtained funds for research and development, expansion of production capacity and increase in sales in Poland and other European Union countries.

Hadatap is an innovative Polish company that has made the most implementations of RFID technology in the country. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a breakthrough technology that allows reading and transmitting data using radio waves. By equipping items, products or parcels with smart labels (tags) with a microchip and using a special reader, you can quickly determine which shelf a specific item is on. The technology is increasingly used by manufacturing and logistics companies and the trade sector, including e-commerce, it said.

“Hadatap has its own software and RAIN RFID readers as well as knowledge and the greatest experience in implementing RFID solutions in Poland. Until a few years ago, this technology was expensive and had some technical limitations, and now it is becoming crucial for the functioning of many industries, quickly gaining popularity. Hadatap serves the largest domestic companies and institutions, and successfully acquires customers among international corporations, ”said partner at AVIA Capital, Marcin Wysocki, quoted in the release.

The investment in Hadatap is in line with AVIA Capital's strategy, which assumes support for companies in the growth phase, striving to increase the scale of operations through exports and strengthening their position on the European market. This is the fund's third investment after the purchase of Pro-Project and Elinta Charge, completed.

Avia Capital is a growth equity fund operating on the Polish market. The fund raised EUR 60 million from international investors and financial institutions. They include the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Polish Development Fund (PFR NCBR CVC and PFR KOFFI), as well as the Polish Fund for Growth Funds - a joint initiative of the European Investment Fund and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Avia's strategy assumes investments in companies that are in the growth phase and whose owners seek to increase the scale by exporting and strengthening their position on foreign markets. The fund allocates EUR 3-10 million to investments in such companies, and the expected investment horizon is 3-7 years.

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