EU says 23 billion pln for Polish GovTech companies

Until recently, there was still a risk that the first money from the new EU seven-year plan 2021-2027 would not reach the GovTech market in three years. The previous perspective was extended until 2023, and the new one entered into force very quickly. The latest information shows that the first funds will be spent as early as 2022 – says Sławomir Hemerling-Kowalczyk, member of the management board of Sputnik Software. This means that the GovTech industry will face years of prosperity caused by the availability of funds from both the old and the new EU financial perspectives at the same time.

As he indicates, under the new seven-year plan, funds for the Regional Operational Program (ROP) have already been distributed – almost two years faster than in the previous perspective, and the Śląskie Voivodeship found itself in the best situation. In addition to over EUR 2 billion from the European Regional Development Fund, it also received over EUR 2 billion from the Just Transition Fund related to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

For the GovTech industry, the Fund for Reconstruction of the European economy after the coronavirus crisis, from which Poland is to receive a total of over EUR 58 billion (EUR 23.1 billion in non-repayable subsidies and EUR 34.2 billion in loans) may also be an opportunity. According to analysts of Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA, about 15 percent the amount of the subsidy, i.e. over PLN 23 billion, will go to Poland in 2021. Only part of this amount will go to local governments and will be spent on digitization, but digital transformation is one of the pillars of the entire Reconstruction Fund.


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